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Thread: List of Opensource programs

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    Default List of Opensource programs

    Well i thought I post this list of opensource programs, which are very helpful for anything you like to create.
    Well most of it is photo editing or CAD software, since Im a design student and rely on free software like those :D ( landscape creating tool ) ( well in case you dont have Microsoft office ) ( another open source office package , i prefer openoffice ) ( free CAD application ) ( free audio editing tool ) ( free video editing ) ( free CAD one of the best ones ) ( free vector graphics tool ) ( free Photoshop ) ( free Dreamweaver HTML webpage creator ) ( a list of other handy opensource software, in case you need something else )

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    you can visit SUN java webite

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    Default Keep track of passwords

    A suggestion for anyone who is looking for a secure password tracker. I use keepassx to keep track of passwords, very secure, just don't lose the key file :)


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