Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Color Review

After using traditional powder based hair color and henna for coloring my hair, trying Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair color when I was hesitant about using Hair color for my hair. the most attractive point to buy Godrej Expert hair color was its price of Rs. 30 for a sachet. It made me try this low priced hair color. To my surprise, it colored my hair well and lasted longer than my home made hair colors.

Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Color Kit.jpg

I have simplified its outstanding features in easy points below:

1. Simple Packaging – It's highly simple and no fuss packaging. The single time use pack has two pre-measured sachets: 20ml Developer + 20g creme colorant. The kit is great for first-time users and for those seeking a luxury experience. I personally like the kit.
Godrej Expert Developer and Colorant.jpg
2. No Ammonia- the ingredient list, says its a no ammonia product with the goodness of aloe milk protein. What makes Godrej to sell its hair color for so cheap, when other brands are selling their similar products at a high cost, I believe its all natural ingredients and no chemical formula is the key.

3. Pre- Measured Sachets – The pre-measured sachets have simplified the hassle of measuring the developer and the colorant which is very difficult to know for the first time users.

Godrej Expert Pre - measured sachet.jpg

4. No Drip – Crème Formula – Its rich crème formula on the application does not drop or slide off the hair like henna or other hair colorants.

5. 30 Minutes & Done – This hair color needs only 30 minutes time to color your hair in gorgeous dark brown, black or burgundy hair color. Yes, these 3 gorgeous hair color shades are available in Godrej Expert Rich Crème which covers grey and gives a completely new look.