Thinking about things to do in Verona? If you are looking for an original way to experience the city at 360, our Segway tour of Verona could be the perfect solution! Exciting things to do in Verona without any effort or difficulty: visit Verona Segway will be one of the most enjoyable moments of your holiday! First of all, what is segway? Segway in Verona, Italy is an easy and innovative system, based on a combination of computer science, mechanics and electronics. Environmentally friendly, versatile and easy to handle, the Segway 'PT' (Personal Transporter) is a small raised platform with handlebars and supported by two parallel wheels. It is driven with simple movements of the body and similar to a kind of intelligent powered scooter by rechargeable batteries. Using the segway is natural and instinctive; it balances and moves according to the input you give it as a true extension of the body! During your Verona segway tour you can move around with total freedom and security thanks to the various sensors that facilitate interaction between the passenger, vehicle and type of terrain. Practical and quiet, the Segway in Verona will allow you to visit the beautiful old town in about three hours. What to do in Verona for a day? The Verona segway tour takes you to visit the oldest area of the city, after the orientation session in Porta Palio, driving along the cycle path in front of Porta / via Piccoli to get to Castelvecchio, the splendid 14th century castle which today houses the Civic Museum. We will also pass the Scaligero Bridge for a short stop in the park on the other side of the Adige River - where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the bridge and the castle - before heading to Bra Square and its wonderful Arena. The tour will continue in Via Cappello to see Juliet's house and then to the heart of Verona to the courtyard of the Old Market, Piazza dei Signori, the Scaliger Tombs, the Santa Anastasia church, Piazza delle Erbe and the 'gates' of Corso and Porta Borsari. Your Segway PT tour in Verona will end at the starting point, on the boulevard of Porta Palio. There are three different types of Verona Segway tours: choose now the tour which is best for you and treat yourself to an original adventure through the wonders of the romantic city of Romeo and Juliet! All the tours include rental of the Segway in Verona and an initial orientation session, lasting 30 minutes, in order to understand the operation of the segway and a short practice session before you begin the journey to Verona. Verona segway tour includes all the main historical sites of artistic interest in the capital of the Scaligeri territories! Segway PT Tours Verona Segway PT Tour Verona with tour guide (guided open tours); Segway PT Tour Verona with audio guide / companion (free open tours) the presence of a companion for the entire duration of the tour is ensured, even in the case where the audio guide is not available; Exclusive Segway PT Tour Verona with tour guide (exclusive VIP tours) - private tour with guide. Unlike the open tours this tour provides an exclusive and personalized service - without the presence of other people - and does not require a minimum number of participants. The tour guide service included in the Segway PT guided open tour and Segway PT exclusive VIP tour is only undertaken by licensed tour guides and who are qualified to at least a degree level in Art, History and / or foreign languages. Included in the cost of the Segway PT Tour, Verona is a set of headphones and a raincoat in case of rain