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    The Rhine

    The grandest stretch of the Rhine, both for scenery and monuments, is that between Bingen and Koblenz. Pleasure steamers, which run daily from April to October, offer the best means of taking in the breathtaking waterway.


    Trier, Germany's oldest city, was once the capital of the Western Roman Empire, and residence of the Emperor Constantine. It preserves the most impressive assemblage of Roman monuments anywhere north of the Alps.


    The resort of Berchtesgaden offers easy access to some of Germany's most stirring Alpine landscapes: ferries ply the Konigsee, a cable car goes up the Jenner, and buses run to the Kehlsteinhaus, Hitler's mountainside "Eagle's Nest".


    One of Germany's great gastronomic and wine-producing centres, Würzburg also has some spectacular monuments, notably the Residenz of the Prince-Bishops, whose splendour far surpasses most of Europe's royal palaces.


    Home of the curious Rauchbier (smoky beer), Bamberg is a magnificently well-preserved little city set on seven hills. Its wealth of art treasures includes the enigmatic equestrian statue the Bamberg Rider, which you'll find inside in the cathedral.


    The favourite residence of the Prussian kings, Potsdam is a triumph of man over nature, the marshy landscape of the River Havel and its lakes transformed into a planned townscape with palaces, parks and gardens.
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    awesome..thank you for the help

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    I hope I can go to Germany one day


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