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    Hello, I am 24 years young, male from Kerala. I lived in a small town in Malappuram District of Kerala state called Nilambur. Its a beautiful country side which is very near to Ooty and is situated near the Kerala - Tamilnadu border. Its a very cool place where I like to live. Since I'm working in BARC I got accommodation in Anushakthi Nagar and I'm in Mumbai right now.

    To say more about me, I'm open-minded and easy-going individual who enjoys an easy-going friends. You know, I'm versatile as to my thoughts and ideas. My charming and easily laid back approach will reflect in everything I do.

    I am very easy-going. I like to have friends who are affectionate, intelligent, caring, generous, and hardworking. I love pets, and love to strolls beneath the moonlight, and goes for long lazy sleep still 8'O clock. There's so much I want to say to you all, but no words seem strong enough to express the depth of what I feel to say. My hobbies are reading, listening to various styles of music, watching movies, chatting with my friends and loves site seeing, trekking and traveling. I'm little bit adventures and like to do some thing real....

    I like persons who has a heart and cares about others, person who's willing to go extra mile for someone who's in needed. I don't like jealous, greedy people. I love to have friends who can accept me for who I am....

    Please do replay for Me.
    I want to have nice friends in Mumbai

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    Hi, nice to meet you. I am from Alapuzha district & now employed in Pune. How is the life in Anushaktinagar and the job. Hope you are enjoying the BARC canteen food.

    I was lucky to visit BARC nuclear reactor in the 90s. As a science student, I was delighted to visit the reactor, touching the dome, talking to the emplyees who are working inside the reactor assembly etc.

    Is there is any health hazards in the premises? .


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