I'm currently updating my list of free tools for my freelancing gigs. Anyone wants to help out and chip in my current one?


1. Canva - my go to graphics maker for years
2. Evernote - when I'm on my Macbook, I tend to use this


1. Grammarly - I dont think there's a better option than this even if it's just a free version
2. Word Counter - perfect for laying out my article coupled with Grammarly


1. Trello - good when working with a team, most especially when you work remotely
2. Time Doctor - when my clients prefer monitoring me, however not many require this


1. Etherfaxmy - been using this for 2 years, I think. I only pay fax I sent so it's a pretty fair deal
2. Skype - people still do prefer Skype over all (lol)

So these are pretty much what I use daily. What more am I missing?