Catchy Title but what does it actually mean?

Electronic appliances have simplified our lives to a great extent. In fact technology in electronics is also helping us stay healthy and fit.

After refrigerators, washing machine, mobile phones; Water & Air purifiers too have found a permanent place in our offices and homes.

Why Water Purifier?

Many people in urban and rural areas consume tap water, well water, water from wells and tube wells which are merely strained through muslin cloth believing that has purified water. What about the dissolved impurities like germs, pathogens, bacteria, excess salts, excess minerals that is impossible to be removed through boiling or straining. Only an advanced technology RO UV UF water purifier is efficient in removing insoluble and soluble impurities in water making it safe for drinking.


But Why Air Purifier?
Population living in cities believes the quality of air, water, and food would have been better if they would live in rural areas. But unregulated industrialization has polluted not only the land but also water and air around rural areas. Even cases of agricultural leftover burning cause smog, air pollution and give rise to asthma, lung cancer and other breathing problems. In metro cities, overcrowded population, construction, increase in development of infrastructure and real estate has made metro cities more polluted than ever.
Best Air Purifiers have carbon filters absorbs harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, making the indoor environment suitable for asthmatics, babies, and the elderly alike.

Thatís how I am referring to these electronic purifiers as medicines for good health...