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    There is no such thing as a 'maintenance free water purifier in India'.
    Maintenance cost of water purifiers should be an essential consideration when buying water purifiers. Below are some points I have listed for you to consider while choosing a water purifier.

    The RO water purifier has more parts to be replaced once in every 4 to 6 months compared to other water purifiers.

    Most wall mounted type RO water purifiers tend to be more expensive as far as maintenance costs are concerned than the under sink type water purifiers.

    Under Sink type, water purifiers have the advantage of using standard size spare parts and hence it is possible to buy spares online or from the open market.

    Yearly Maintenance cost of RO water purifiers

    With an AMC up to 3 free visits for preventive maintenance plus free breakdown on-call service is covered per year. Each water purifier brand has its own AMC plans. If you go for a yearly Maintenance contract with the manufacturer of RO water purifier, then it begins to get a bit costly, starting at about Rs.1000- per year with the cost of parts extra or approximately Rs.6000- per year with all parts included.
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