We all are aware of the damage caused to Kerala due to the floods now in August 2018. Many have come ahead to help and distribute the necessities like ready to eat packed food, clothes, light bulbs, mosquito repellents, and water bottle.

Clean and safe drinking water is scarce as the natural source of water i.e., well, hand pumps, tube wells are filled with mud and floating germs and mosquitoes. The transportation of these necessities too is very difficult, as the floods have caused damage to the roads.

The Government is trying and wants to make a statement about the illness consumption of impure water can cause through a supply of clean water in tankers.
But the message that use of non-electric water filter or water purifier for home use will ensure safe drinking water has to be spread and supply of such filters too should be made in order to avoid any casualties due to water-borne diseases.
Evidence show floods can affect people's health in the longer term as viruses or household mold, can make some people quite ill.