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Thread: Indoor Plants Or Air Purifiers?

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    Default Indoor Plants Or Air Purifiers?

    Keeping potted plants in and outside homes is our ancient tradition. But did you know that there is more than just a tradition behind this gesture? There are real health benefits, both physiological and psychological, to having plants both inside and outside the home. Studies have proven that houseplants improve concentration and make us feel more relaxed and calm, which in turn benefits your everyday mood. With the rise of air pollution, people are also buying air purifiers in India. I have listed a few important things plants help us - Reducing carbon dioxide levels. Increasing humidity. Reducing levels of certain pollutants. Reducing airborne dust levels. Keeping air temperatures down. But air purifier does the same with additional features which are listed below - Air purifiers are more effective with instant performance. Car air purifiers can be placed in your vehicle to stay protected against the pollution on roads. Home air purifiers are available in small compact sizes, which can even be placed on the tabletop. HEPA air purifiers have 5-filtration process with carbon filters and seaweed mud filters that instantly purifies the air and helps us breathe clean and purified air. It is definitely good to keep plants at home, but to combat the fight against air dust and pollution one must buy air purifier for better health.Browse Livpure for BEst air Purifier Prices -
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