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    Dear Sir/Madam,/ Your Holiness,
    I am 64 years old now. I have experienced many divine activities of God/Gods. I am a Hindu, Brahmin by caste, but NOT fanatic of other castes and religions. I have experienced divinity right from my age of 6 till now. I have recorded few incidences happened in my life. I request you to forward the same to many viewers and readers so that GOD is very much ALIVE and very ACTIVE and He keeps watch on all His creations.
    I am aware many of you are holding a very respectable &
    Responsible post. I can understand some of you may have some
    faith in my story & I am sure you don't want to create some
    controversial news with out verification from my end which I can not do.
    I can assure you all Upon ALL SACRED GODS, what I
    told you are FACTS only. The Lord might have chosen me
    to give Dharshans (Appearances) to me due to Pre Karmas ( effects of good deeds in previous births)
    I had many dreams with Visions of Lord Ayyappa, Goddess
    Durga and Sri Ragavendra Swamigal on a Yugadhi day New year day for Telugu & Kannada people of India
    Lord Ayyappa's dream came on 14th January, Magara
    Jyothi day 20 years ago. Even now I get miscellaneous
    dreams of Gods not identified by me.
    Some politicians in India has questioned the very existences of Lord Rama, other characters and events mentioned in our Indian great spic Ramayana which prompted me to write my own personal experiences which prove them wrong.
    The people at the highest levels should not utter words which will affect the faith on Gods by millions of people all over the world. These kind of utterances will result in communal violence , damage to public properties and loss of lives and it happened so.

    I request you to consider me a God chosen man,
    not having any magical powers, may be that I am the only
    one among many billions of people to experience those
    incidences in my life.
    I am narrating some incidences of my seeing & touching
    the Holy, warm, fleshy, hairy feet of Sri.Hanuman, ( a very Powerful Hindu God)on a Hanuman Jayanthi day( His birth day) which I was not aware 15 years
    ago and I would like to point out that I was not a
    great Hanuman devotee at that time,. Our family Deity is
    Lord Venkateswara and my favourite Deity is Goddess
    Durga & Goddess Saraswathi.
    It is possible that I may be the lucky man to have
    that incidence, may be that I may be the only one
    among many billions of people in 1000 of years.
    This I really wanted you to understand the fact GODS &
    GODDESS really exist and most of the characters and
    incidents barring some exaggerations usual to poets,
    are REALLY TRUE. I think I am the luckiest person to
    have had the full view of LIVING Hanuman and His
    real appearance. I know this is very difficult to
    believe since I am just an ordinary man & do not belong to
    the type of Holy People and many other devoted
    saints and Yogis.
    Many miracles do happen to many village kids also now a days which
    can not be proved scientifically.
    I do not know even today the purpose of Lord
    Hanuman to make His presence to me,,, may be that if
    all believe there are rebirths and we are judged by
    the Lord for the presently happiness and suffering based
    on previous karmas ( Deeds of previous birth ).

    I am now telling you my real experience of meeting God 15 years ago.
    I was working in L&T-ECC , CHennai
    at that time as a Senior Manager-Civil Designs. I used
    to go for early morning jogging every day. One
    particular day, I got up from bed at 5-30AM and
    finished my toilets. I thoroughly cleaned my face and
    appled vibuthi( Sacred ash) & kunkum ( a red powder made from tameric) on my fore head with my white sports outfit. I went to the Pooja shelf( Prayer cabin with pictures of Gods in my house (situated in my bed room) at Porur, Chennai and prayed in general all Gods whose pictures were on the shelf
    without any individual picture of Shri Hamnuman.
    After 2 minutes prayer, I made namaskar(Spreading fully on the ground with face touching the floor before the deities with closed eyes for few seconds and I felt warmly & bushy sensations on both my palms. When I
    got up I SAW Shri Hanuman was standing before me and
    I looked at Him with fear. He just chanted one word
    with folded hands " R A M "( Another Hindu God) and disappeared.
    He was 8 ft tall. His body was full of dark hairs
    And His shape was almost identical as we normally
    see Him in Pictures except that His face was having a
    geometry of a well grown man. His words were very
    clear. In fact I touched His feet , felt Him with
    warmth with His full well grown up body in both flesh
    & hairy. His face was brownie with out any red patch
    around His mouth as we see in pictures.
    I was really stunned and felt palpitations and
    sweating. I simply lied on bed for some 2 hours and
    I felt better to start to my office. I took a bath
    and went to my pooja shelf for my usual decoration of
    all pictures with flowers from my garden. I casually
    looked at the daily calendar and to my shock and
    disbelief I found that day being Hanuman Jayanthi
    day The fact Lord Hanuman chanted RAM with folded hands
    indicate He still worships Lord RAM. I have told this to many people
    including my wife, my children, friends, relatives &
    Doctors. The Doctors just ridiculed that a mere
    fantasy or hallucination. I PROMISE YOU ALL THAT IT WAS
    I had two more incidents. After 3 years of that
    incidence, I had one more miracle. We had an out
    house which was rented to a boy aged 23 unmarried.
    He was a monthly paid employee in S&S Switch Gears
    in Porur,near Poonamallee of Chennai. He took his
    monthly pay and disappeared from the out house. He was
    not found for more than 15 days. His parents also
    visited our house & opened the door & found nothing.
    They also gave a police complaint with his photo etc.
    The boy's father was a Tashildar ( Deputy Collector).
    After 15 days, I returned from office in pouring rain at 7PM and sat on
    the sofa , removing my shoe. Suddenly I saw a half
    sized image of Shri Satya Sai Baba(A Living sage of Puttabarthi)
    with His saffron clothing which was oscillating in the
    fan air. He just said in ENGLISH "SAVE MY SON " and disappeared.
    From First floor I dashed down to Ground floor and
    found that missing boy lying on the floor in front
    of the Out house in the pouring rain. He was
    unconscious & his pulse rate was around only 20 per
    minute. His breathing was very feeble with no chest
    movements. I carried him upstairs & put him on a sofa. I applied Amritanjan ( a smelling ointment)over his
    entire body and into his nostrils also. I pressed
    his chest many times. I have asked my wife to
    prepare Strong Coffee with plenty of Electrol
    ( Glucose). I fed him through a spoon & he was able
    to swallow. After 15 minutes, his pulse rate improved
    to 50 and he was breathing almost normal. We put him
    in the near by hospital JK Nursing Home. I met him
    next day at the hospital and found to be normal. He
    told me that he visited Kancheepuram & went to many
    temples and proceeded to Puttabarthi where he had his
    Darshan of Sai Baba. He told me that he was a staunch
    follower of Sai Baba. To tell you frankly I am not,
    even now, a devotee of Satya Sai Baba and I do not
    want to comment on His miraculous powers.

    In the first incidence also,, I was not a great
    believer in Ramayana characters especially like how
    Garudas( kites & Vultures) and Monkeys speak and understand human
    languages. I am now compelled to believe RAMA
    EXISTED AND ALL TOLD IN RAMAYANA MUST BE TRUE.The bridge Across India & Sri Lanka )constructed by monkeys may pose questions. When
    Hanuman like people participated in the war between
    Rama & Ravana any thing is possible.
    I would like recollect that some few years ago our
    Archaeologists discovered 8-10ft tall human skeletons
    called YETIS. May be Hanuman and His other people may be
    similar to Yetis.
    The third incidence occurred 5 years ago.
    When I was 6 years old my father was transferred to a
    place called Vedaranyam. He has fixed a house there
    through the clerk and none of us knew the address of
    the house. At 11pm we all got down from the train and
    my parents, brothers, school peons were carrying house
    hold articles. We all walked and after nearly one hour
    I was in the middle of Forest Adhivasis ( Tribals of forest)
    who reached a place in the middle of the jungle where some gypsy
    like men & women were dancing and singing. I was
    frightened and started crying. Suddenly one middle
    aged dark lady wearing yellow saree and blouse with a
    large kunkum thilak on her forehead came & took me on
    her hip. She produced a bamboo tube with something
    like milk and fed me. It was very sweet & very
    heavenly. Immediately I was fast asleep. When I woke
    up I was lying at the front door step of our new house
    among my parents, local people and some police men who
    also might have searched for me.
    After taking some nap, we were taken to the opposite
    Shiva temple and we had a dharshan of Lord Shiva. I
    just casually looked on the right hand side of the
    prahar( Hall of the Deity ) and there was another temple and prahar for
    Goddess Vana Durga. I suddenly saw that Woman with
    yellow saree and blouse with large kunkum on her
    forehead who gave me milk previous night. She smiled
    at me and disappeared into the Durga Idol.

    These incidences I am telling you which had really
    happened to me for the reason all Gods we see in the
    temples and described in the scriptures are very TRUE.

    Now I will tell you some realistic dreams.
    When I was 15 years old I was suffering with Palpitations and breathlessness for many months. My elder brother undertook a journey to Sabari Malai ( Hills) after a very tough rituals of bathing 3 times daily and praying Lord Ayyappa. He went there and prayed Lord Ayyappa. It is a fact even now, at 6PM on that particular day of every January 13th. When the priests show lighted Lamb to Lord Ayyappa, at the opposite direction, a moon like fire will appear in the colour of a fire along with a star dancing. This can be openly seen by millions of people gathering there in the Eastern side with Sun just disappearing on the Western side. Every year many RV channels in India broad caste this to millions of viewers. No body can Scientifically explain this happenings. On that particular day, my brother was hidden in the crowd and was unable to see this wonder. He returned home disappointed. On that day night I was suffering with more breathlessness & my father brought one Doctor who gave me an injection to calm down & sleep. I slept and had a dream immediately may be around 9PM. I was standing over a mountain and suddenly saw one big ball of fire like moon appeared before me along with an accompanying star. It became very big and almost came very near me blinding my eyes and I cried and got up. My father was by my side and he was worried. I told him of my dream and he did not care about it since he never heard of that Sabarimalai miracles. I slept later peacefully. When my brother came back and gave me the Prasads ( sacred ash etc) he told me sadly he could not see that miracle. When I explained my dream he was completely struck with wonder and said to me I am Happy. I went and Prayed for you and Lord fulfilled my desire to you instead of me. I also sympathized with him.

    Another dream happened just before 10 years ago. I was alone in my house since my wife & children went for a marriage. In that dream, I was standing on a hill top alone. One very handsome Prince with Princely costumes and Jeweled
    Ornaments approximately 10 years old appeared before me suddenly. He asked me whether I believe Him. I said why should I believe a kid like you. He asked mr whether I have not seen Him in any Pictures in our Pooja Shelf. I vaguely remembered He was looking like Lord Ayyappa without His Tiger. I just kept quiet. He became angry and told me I will run around you in this mountain & before I come back to you must believe Me. He picked small stone and with huge laughter HAHAHA He ran around me & running so He started growing up and became very tall say 30 ft and the stone in His hand became a big boulder of 3 ft diameter. He finished His running and came near me. I was speechless. He dropped the stone over my head & I cried. God,, instead of crushing my head, that stone fell on my neck and shoulders as a very big Jasmine Flower Garland. I sweated and I got up from my bed, I put on the light and to my surprise I saw one new Jasmine flower on my pillow and the room was with a lovely smell of Jasmine flowers. I washed my face and sipped some water and went to sleep again after praying Him.

    Another dream occurred to me some months later. I was having some mild fever and I took some tablets and went to sleep. That day also my wife & children were away. In that dream I was moaning with discomfort of high fever. One Saint with Saffron clothing and beards appeared before me. I asked Him who He was. He said, I am a Sadhu & cook many foods for my devotees and you will know about me tomorrow. I kept quiet. He went into out Kitchen and some smelling Ayurverdic medicine with Neem flowers. He came back and asked me to drink that liquid. It tasted well. He took the glass from my hand & disappeared. I had sudden sweating and got up. My fever has gone. I took some water and went to sleep wondering who was that Saint. Next day, my wife and children along with my wife’s elder sister returned to our house. That lady told me that previous day she went to a place called Manthralaya and prayed one saint Rahavendra’s Samathi. She gave a book on the auto biography of that Holy Saint. The cover of that book was printed with the image of Saint Ragavendra. When I saw that man I was really shocked to see the Same Saint who appeared in my dream previous night and prepared that medicine with Neem flower. Incidentally that day happened to be Telugu/Kannada New Year and I offered some neem flowers to my neighbors who were Telugu people from our Neem tree which is specially added in their special meaals.

    Apart from these experiences , recently 5 years ago, suddenly one day I started hearing voices at about 100 meters away fro me. This continued day and night and I was unable to sleep even, The sounds became very loud and found out many souls were chatting among themselves. They started conversations with me also. They introduced themselves as my grand parents and their elders along with my dead father , mother , relatives and some of my very close friends. I used to jog around for 2 hours by chanting the various names of Gods of various religions, my dead parents and relatives and close friends who died recently who also helped me when ever I had breathless problems by taking me to doctors. This I practiced to avoid the monotony of running time. I almost made them regular in my chanting for many years of my jogging.
    I started seeing many images of people most of them resembling to my old grand parents etc from their appearances. Those images were really looking real like seeing in a cinema theater. They started coming to me very close within 3 ft away from me and they appeared as white silhouettes. Every body in that group told me that they are all surrounding me right from my birth and unable to harm me due to the presence of many Gods, saints and angels around me and protecting me. They have got some extra ordinary powers and they want to kill me or making me to commit suicide o that they wanted my soul to be among them only away from the Angels. They also told me they are wandering as ghosts without attaining rebirths or reaching heaven for hundreds of years barring the latest souls like my parents, relatives and friends. They even told the name of my Uncle’s wife which I do not Know. They said her name was Neela and asked me to verify. After few days, I met another Uncle’s wife who was on her sick bed even today with paralysis and enquired the name of her husband’s elder brother’s wife name. She promptly said Neela and I was shocked. Some ghosts dashed against me and I felt heavy blows on my body. I told my wife & son who admitted me in a hospital and 3 psychiatrists questioned me elaborately. They simply laughed of after hearing all my experiences including my divine experiences and told me that I am suffering from serious mental illness and all incidences are just my hallucinations. I was very angry, but still I obeyed them so that I will be free from the ghosts. I took all tranquilizing medicines and became very weak without any improvement. I prayed to all Gods asking them to help me. After 10 days of deep worshipping, I started seeing many known & unknown shapes of various Gods and angels assuring me that they will settle with them in a few days. I have seen the appearances of Jesus, Buddha and many Divinely figures with heavy beards whom I could not identify.
    After 15 days the voices started reducing very fast and I heard many souls crying,, Save me we are burning etc. All vanished including the images of Gods, Saints and angels. Now I am free from all souls and sounds totally alright and very sane. Incidentally I threw all the tablets by telling my wife & son, that I have already taken and I am free from my so called hallucinations. They are happy that the doctors have done a good job. God only knows I have not taken those tablets after 5 days of staring them.

    I had many unimportant dreams even today, that I will be worshipping many Gods in many temples which I do not know, not visited so far or unheard. I read in a book that some memory cells in our brain carry some remembrances of many incidences of our previous births.
    I just conclude that all Gods, demons, angels and souls do exist almost as told in various scriptures.

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    extremely long, what is this anyway? well i better start reading, ..

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    Dear Friend,
    My experiences are much more,, I have only mentioned some of which have made me realize that some super powers are always surrounding usin addition to the wandering souls who are either related to us or associates of our own kin & kiths who happened to meet in the opther world. The other world need not be hell or paradise and our own local surroundings only. May be after certain years they reach heaven or mix with the Holy spirit of God who decides whether they may have to undergo some more rebirths. I have heard many Souls chanting prayers of Gods and their prayers may be heard by Him. Thanks for your kind reply and I request you to study as you study a big novel of mystery. You may find the reality of the Super natural happenings around us. Thanks, K.R.Sundaresan

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    Don't be fool Mr. K.R.S. I think you meet Yamraj instead of above mention people. You have 33 crores god and goddes. Let wirte it if you are true hindu and meet some one as you say. This is open challange to you prove it

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    Quote Originally Posted by indifa View Post
    Don't be fool Mr. K.R.S. I think you meet Yamraj instead of above mention people. You have 33 crores god and goddes. Let wirte it if you are true hindu and meet some one as you say. This is open challange to you prove it
    Dear Friend,I have written a E Book and if you want you may contact me at: [email protected]


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