Im not sure if this one has been told before but.

There was a lady who had a bunch of money.

As she stepped into a bank, she walked up to the banker and asked him to open a Bank account to store the money.

Of course the banker was suspicious, how could she have so much money. The banker had no choice but to send the women to the president of the bank, the woman sat down infront of the President.

"What seems to be the problem" she asked

"Well, its awfully suspicous that you have this much money, how did you get this?"

"I like to make bets, and im good at it too" she said

"Is that so? Would you like to make a little wager then?"

"Sure, I bet you $200 that your nuts are square"

"Square? Ha, well ill take that wager"

"Well ill be back tommorow afternoon to check your nuts to see if they are square"

The woman left the room and the president went home, all throughout the night he checked his nuts too make sure they werent square, and when he was absolutely sure, he went to bed.

The very next day, the president, confident as ever walked to the bank and greeted the woman, who was accompanied by an important looking person.

"Who is that" the president asked

"Thats my lawyer, he is here to witness that your nuts are square"

"Ok then"

The president pulls down his pants and shows the woman his nuts

"I need to make sure, can I hold them" the woman asked.

"Ok then" the president said

As the woman held the presidents balls in her hand the president noticed that her lawyer was banging his head on the wall

"Whats his problem" the president asked

"Well" the woman said "I bet my lawyer $4000 that I would have the president of the bank's nuts in my hand".