Hello everyone,

Just made a little research on the forum and found a lot of same topics... :D
Well, kindly read these carefully to help you fix the problem... 8)

Q: Do you want to delete your forum?
A: Just go to the Admin Control Panel -> Configurations -> Disable Your Board - Set this option to Yes -> Then never log-in for 30 days. or try this link out.

Q: Confirmation Code Not Showing Up?

Q: Placing A Shout Box on your Forum?
A: Search Google, then just copy & paste the HTML codes provided. Then create a new forum, and paste it on the Forums Description.

Q: Are there any language aside from English?
A: Nope, BizHat has disabled support for other languages except for English.

Q: I wanna upload some hacks, MOD's, smileys & avatars on my forum?
A: This would only be possible if you're a paid BizHat user.

Q: I want to install language packs but only "English" packs are installed.
A: Sorry, but BizHat had disabled the support for other languages.

Enjoy and I'll update you soon about these problems.