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Thread: FAQ to just registered members!

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    what is the "ftp host directory" for the website uploading?

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    I'm not sure but I think its

    Or you can use

    Thats also an FTP thing.

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    hmmm.. thankx.. but what is the remote host?

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    Default yup yup!

    Tnx to bizhat for making a free hosting web site... my problem now is to understand those things about PhP and mySQL... but anyway tnx again

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    Default invalid domain / password...

    last night I registered for free hosting.
    today i tried to login with the user name and password given to me by email, but i got error: invalid doamain \ password.

    my domain is my

    I tries it severl times but it didnt helped....

    what should i do?


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    Default Re: FAQ to just registered members!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nemezis
    1. I'm just registered. Have you got control panel to manage my account? have control panel.
    You must enter:
    All this setting has been sent to your email.

    2. What software are supports? supports:
    # mysql --version
    # php --version
    4.3.10 (apache2handler)
    # perl --version
    PERL is not supported.
    # apache --version
    Apache/2.0.51 (Unix)

    3. What I having now?

    50 MB Web Space
    5 GB Monthly Transfers
    FTP Access for Uploading
    Server-Side Includes (SSI)
    PHP 5 Support
    MySQL 4.0.20 Support
    IE Based File Manager
    No Ads, No Banners, No Pop-Ups
    Hosted Message Board, Hit Counter
    Sub Domain Name (

    4. Does SSI (Server-Side Includes) supports?

    Yes, it does.

    5. How can I see my resource usage(space/bandwich)?

    At control panel.
    See "Resource Usage".
    Standart you have:
    50Mb Space + 1Gb Bandwith per month

    6. Can you upgrade my account(+Mb Space or +Gb bandwich)?

    Post Count Upgrade
    10 POSTS = 50 MB Web Space/1000 MB Monthly Data Transfer
    50 POSTS = 50 MB Web Space/5000 MB Monthly Data Transfer
    100 POSTS = 60 MB Web Space/5500 MB Monthly Data Transfer
    200 POSTS = 70 MB Web Space/6000 MB Monthly Data Transfer
    300 POSTS = 80 MB Web Space/6500 MB Monthly Data Transfer
    500 POSTS = 90 MB Web Space/7000 MB Monthly Data Transfer
    800 POSTS = 100 MB Web Space/8000 MB Monthly Data Transfer

    You can see more details at

    Start new thread in this forum:

    Have in view of what rules vary!
    Last rules look in the support forum.

    7. What is my FTP-settings?

    Your settings for FTP-client is:
    password: YOUR_FTP_PASSWORD

    8. How much connections allowed?

    Only one connection per IP is allowed.

    9. Can I change my files/dirs name in FTP?

    No, you can't. Download it, rename and upload.
    So you must get ready ahead of time. Because we are using unix systems, so to having sensitive size.

    10. Why can't I rename or edit my files on the FTP server?

    You can't because all users have a set discreet priviledges, and how the server is set up, users do not have the permissions to do so.

    11. Well how do I fix this?

    You can't. In order to rename or edit files on your FTP server is to edit them on you computer, delete the old copies on the server, and reupload them to your site.

    12. Allowed .htaccess files? My PHP-Nuke needs them.

    No. You can't upload .htaccess files. If you uploaded, it will be deleted soon. PHP-Nukes, Modifications of PHP-Nukes working without .htaccess file. Don't worry, .htaccess is not critical. All will work correctly without .htaccess.

    13. Does the server support CGI scripts?

    No, normal users do not have the read/write access nor a CGI-BIN (and CGI-SRC within the CGI-BIN) to upload cgi setup files to.

    14. What file types can be included at my pages?


    For more info:

    15. Error: "Could not access to the file: example_dir/example_file.php"! Whats wrong?

    Check it for CHMOD.

    16. I want to take more than 1 MySQL database. What shall I do? More posts?

    Only 1 MySQL per user is possible now.
    Allowing more MySQL DB per user need to modify the control panel, this take time.
    You can get Free MySQL database from

    17. How to manage my MySQL database?

    You can create your MySQL database a control panel.
    See "MySQL Manager". If you logged first time CP will ask you to create new MySQL database. Fill the forms which you like. Don't forgot this settings!

    18. What is MySQL settings?

    new settings(for new users)
    MySQL Host : localhost

    old settings(for users which register they DB a long time ago)
    MySQL Host : localhost

    19. How to change my MySQL password?

    You can't. MySQL password you chose only one time.
    And you can't change it. So, be careful when you chose MySQL password.

    20. How to see/use/manage my MySQL base?

    You can manage your MySQL base with phpMyAdmin util.

    21. I want to change my password! How to do it?
    At control panel.
    See "Change Password".

    22. I'm forget my password. Help me!

    Before login into control panel.

    23. What about ads?

    Free hosting WITHOUT ADs!

    24. Does MySQL database affect my website disk space? Does it counted?

    Yes, It is size of file + MySQL database.

    25. Whats happening with my site? It's just worked!!!

    Don't worry. Wait for some time. Maybe Administrators upload/update some system files.

    26. I'm not posting at forum. Will be my account deleted?

    No, you don't need to post in the forum to keep you account.
    If you keep visiting the forum, you will get upgrade, thats all.

    27. I need help. Where I can take support?

    At forum "Free Web hosting".

    28. Does Bizhat offer ASP support?

    Unfortunately Bizhat does not.

    29. Where is my PHP???

    Anyone with 20 NON SPAM posts for activating PHP must post in this forum:
    to get PHP support or UPGRADE.

    Anyone with 20 NON SPAM posts can get PHP support.

    IMPORTANT: - If your web site address is, you must register in the forum with user name YourSiteName. Only forum user YourSiteName can ask for upgrading or enable PHP on web site

    To Get PHP Support, Start a new thread in "Free Hosting Upgrades" forum.

    All PHP Requests Should be in Following Format


    Enable PHP on
    Message Body:


    Description: description about your web site. You should tell what is the purpose of the web site.

    PHP: You should provide what script you are going to run in your web site. This should include URL of the script uploaded.
    You must upload the script and post the URL to the script, with out script URL and description, your application will be rejected.

    IMPORTANT: All mails send through the server should include your web site address. Too many bounced emails will be considered as SPAM and cause deactivation of PHP support.

    Remember! 20 NON SPAM POSTS for php activation.

    30. Safe mode is on! Please, turn it OFF!

    Sorry, but we couldn't. Safe mode is On for security reasons.

    Thanks to Nemezis)

    and added to by MadBoyV1 every blue moon.
    do i haveto make 10 posts a month or a day

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    I signed up, but when I try to login it says invalid domain. I got a email saying welcome to bizhat forum, and not welcome to bizhat hosting. How does this process work can some one explain?

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    hey, i signed up, and i got a mail saying that my account satus is "validated" and that i can login now. i have no probs logging in to the forum, but i can't login for my site. it say"invalid domain name/password".pls help.

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    I login alrite
    but when i try to upload there no option

    after loged-in i click on file-manage and there nothing, just sent me to a fpt page

    please, i need imidiate help

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    so biz hat doesn't support Google adsense? or any other ads in their free hosting accounts

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