Here it is!

Here's an example of what a good Photoshop Worm ends up looking like.

It works like this:

-You take turns making a segment of the "worm"
-These segments are 600 X 450 Pixels
-The point is to match your segment with the previous one, and the person after you the same
-Try not to use complex brushes and patterns as your edge, They're damn near impossible to continue,If you get stuck with a hard edge, just flip the last little bit of it horizontally and continue on from there. But for the sake of the person after you, leave a simpler edge.
I thought it'd be cool to do it on this forum, because we're all good on photoshop. If it doesn't work, I'll get rid of the topic.

Tell me if you'd like to make a piece, and I'll add you to the list. You make your piece when you're next on the list, and when you're done, you upload the image to this forum or some other website and give me the link. I'll then upload it to my server and add it to the worm.

The list of those waiting to make a piece: