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If you want to download something from Megaupload and getting message like “All slots assigned to your country are in use, try again later”.

Then, this is a simple way to by pass the download slots limit.
  1. Go to
    Paste your Megaupload download link into the “Translate a web page” box.
  2. In the “from” option, select English to German. Other option besides English to German might work.
  3. So, just hit the Translate button and wait for the download page to load.
Now, you can see that you can download the file that previously you can’t! No download slots limit!

Note: If you don’t want to do that, then check out [b]

It works perfectly for those who had a download slots limit problem when download files from Megaupload
For those who are downloading from you now can save time, you can get the direct download link without having to enter the verification code.
Other features include:
  • Clipboard scanner
  • Copy to Clipboard (the direct download link)
  • Automatic sending to Flashget

Download Link for Megaupload Link grabber:
Megaupload Hacks: Solution to Download Problems at Megaupload

Since many users having problems with downloading files from Megaupload, this is the perfect way to cheat Megaupload and download faster than before–Premium Speeds!
First go to:
Then, paste your Megaupload download link in “Enter URL” box and then click “Surf anonymously”. It will direct you to the Megaupload download page.
If you have done till now correctly you will be waiting for the timer to stop. After the timer stops and it shows “Click here to download”, right click and then click on “Copy Shortcut” if you use IE or “Copy Link Location” for Firefox.
Then, paste it in Notepad. The link will looks simillar to this:
Remove the part that marked in blue. Then, paste the remaining link (in bold) into your browser or download manager.

Your download will start and you will be able to download at Premium Speeds.
Note: The link you finally get should be used immediately after you get otherwise it will be expired.