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Thread: OMG!!! PLEASE RUSH HELP!!!!!

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    Default OMG!!! PLEASE RUSH HELP!!!!!

    As you can see here:
    Somehow I completely screwed up my board when I tried to add an Amazon seach box into the title of my first & most important forum.
    It comes up as:
    "The webpage cannot be found HTTP 400..."
    I cannot get it to delete. My forums are messed up really bad because of this.
    PLEASE rush help, if you can, PLEASE manually fix this for me. I am really freaked out about this. My deals are on the News & now nobody can get in on any with the board like this.


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    PLEASE ANYONE???!!! I really need your help quick :cry:

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    Can u move topics!? What actualy u can do with your forum. PM me k

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    Thank you for replying.
    I cannot move or delete or edit anything.
    When I go to edit the administrative panel - then, in the Forum Admin Management, I click on the edit button of the top forum name (*~*~*~ YOU FOUND IT! Online Hot Deal Alert! *~*), there is nowhere to save changes or delete the Amazon search boxes.
    It seems to have combined all of my forums Categories into 1.
    Also now,
    When you click on the top main board: where it states "~ ONLY THE BEST! Secret Sales & More ~", it only brings you to other things instead of where it SHOULD be pointing to which is here:
    The search button will not work now either.

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    Man your forum is a mess! Where did u dowloaded that Amazon searchbox? Did u tried to connact admins? It seems like u have more than a big problem? Somehow that addon mixed up your database!
    You could ask admins to erase your database and start all over again. Clean start. I know that is not such a good option but you dont have much to burgain with!


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    Use the following with your problem details

    Mention forum url, your e-mail, and login details

    You can Pm me with the login details. I'll try to solve that...

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    Thank You, I am praying there is something more positive I can do.
    Everything was fine until I tried to place the Amazon searchbox banner into the top forum name (you found it online hot deal alert)
    The banner is fine, it came from Amazon directly, the problem lies where I tried to place it :(
    I contacted you Guttu

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    its really messed up. i reported to Nokia. db needs to be edited...

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    YOU DELETED EVERYTHING!!! I could have done that myself, BUT I need my files before I can start over again - What do I do now???
    That was vital information I cannot get back, please undo your delete.

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