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Thread: Suggest a baby name

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    Default Indian Baby boy names

    Aftab :the sun
    Aftab,Aftaab :the sun
    Agasti, Agastya :name of a sage
    Agha :pre-eminent
    Agharna :the moon
    Aghat :destroyer of sin
    Agniprava :bright as the fire
    Agrim :leader; first
    Agriya :first best
    Ahsan :mercy
    Aijaz :favour
    Aiman :fearless
    Ainesh :the sun's glory
    Ajamil :a mythological king

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    Default Baby boy names

    Indian Baby boy names with meaning

    Ajatashatru :without enemies
    Ajay :invincible
    Ajit :invincible
    Ajitabh :one who has conquered the sky
    Ajitesh :Vishnu
    Ajmal :pious
    Akalmash :stainless
    Akash :the sky
    Akbar :powerful
    Akbar Akeel
    Akhil :complete
    Akhilesh :lord of all
    Akmal :complete
    Akram :excellent
    Akroor :kind
    Akshan :eye
    Akshar :imperishable
    Akshath :indestructible
    Akshay :indestructible
    Akshit :permanent
    Akul :a name of Lord Shiva
    Alam, Aalam :the whole world
    Alamgir :the lord of the whole world
    Alan :Rock or Noble
    Albert :Noble Bright
    Alden :Old Friend
    Alec :Form of Alexander
    Aleem :knowledgeable
    Alexander :Defender of men
    Alhad :joy
    Ali :protected by god
    Alok :a man with lovely hair
    Aloke :light
    Amal :unblemished; pure
    Amalendu :the unblemished moon
    Amalesh :the pure one
    Amartya :immortal
    Ambarish :the sky
    Amber :the sky
    Ambuj :lotus
    Ameya :immeasurable
    Amil :invaluable
    Amin, Ameen: divine grace
    Amir :rich
    Amish :honest
    Amit :without limit
    Amitabha, Amitav :limitless lustre; name of Lord Buddha
    Amitbikram :limitless prowess
    Amitiyoti :limitless brightness
    Amitrasudan :destroyer of enemies
    Amiya :nectar; delight
    Amlan :unfading; everbright
    Amlankusum :unfading flower
    Ammar :the maker
    Amod :pleasure
    Amogh :a name of Lord Ganesh
    Amol :priceless
    Amolik, Amolak :priceless
    Amrit, Amrik :nectar
    Amulya :priceless
    Anadi :eternal
    Anal :fire
    Anamitra :the usn
    Ananda, Anand :joy; happiness
    Ananga, Anang :name of Cupid or Kamadeva
    Ananta, Anant :infinite
    Anarghya :priceless
    Andrew :Manly
    Angad :an ornament
    Angel :Messanger, angel
    Angus :Unique choice
    Anil :the wind god
    Animish, Animesh :open-eyed therefore attractive
    Anirudhha :free; grandson of Lord Krishna
    Anirvan :undying
    Anish :Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
    Anjum :a token
    Anjuman :a token; a sumbol
    Ankit :conquered
    Ankur :sprout; new life

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    Default Indian Baby Boy Names with meaning

    Ankush :check; an instrument used for guiding elephants
    Anmol :priceless
    Anshu :the sun
    Anshul :radiant
    Anshuman :the sun
    Anshumat :luminous
    Anthony :Flower
    Anu :an atom
    Anuj :younger brother
    Anuja :younger brother
    Anunay :supplication; consolation
    Anup, Anoop :without comparison
    Anupam :without comparison
    Anurag, Anuraag :love
    Anuttam :unsurpassed
    Anwar :devote of God
    Apparajito :undefeated
    Apurva, Apoorva :unique
    Arav :peaceful
    Archan :worship
    Archit :worshipped
    Ardhendu :half moon
    Arghya :offering to the Lord
    Arhant :destroyer of enemies
    Arindam :destroyer of enemies
    Arjit :earned
    Arjun :Pandava prince; bright
    Arka :the sun
    Arnav :ocean
    Arnesh :lord of the sea
    Arnold :Eagle Power
    Arshad :pious
    Arte :Noble, bear man
    Arthur :Bear
    Arun, Aroon :mythical charioteer of the sun; dawn
    Aruni :name of a devoted pupil
    Arvind :lotus
    Arvinda, Arabinda :lotus
    Aryaman :the sun
    Asao, Asav :essence
    Aseem, Ashim :limitless
    Asgar :devotee
    Ashis :benediction
    Ashish :Blessing
    Ashok :without grief
    Ashraf :without grief
    Ashu :quick
    Ashutosh :Lord Shiva
    Ashwin :a Hindu month
    Ashwin, Asvin :a Hindu month
    Ashwini :a star
    Asim, Aseem :limitless
    Asit, Ashit : the planet
    Aslesh :embrance
    Atal :immoveable
    Atanu :Cupid
    Atma :soul
    Atmaja :son
    Atmananda :bliss of soul
    Atul, Atulya :matchless
    Avadhesh :King Dasaratha
    Avanindra :lord of the earth
    Avanish :lord of the earth
    Avatar :incarnation
    Avinash :indestructible
    Avkash :limitless space
    Ayog :institution
    Azeez :friend
    Azhar :famous
    Azzam :the lord; Almighty

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    Default Indian Baby Boy Names

    Name : Meaning

    Badal :cloud; rain
    Badri :Lord Vishnu
    Badrinath :Lord Vishnu
    Bahubali :a Jain Tirthakar
    Bahuleya :Lord Kartikeya
    Bajrang :a name of Lord Hanuman
    Balaaditya :young sun
    Balachandra :young moon
    Balagovind : baby Krishna
    Balaji :Lord Vishnu
    Balakrishna :baby Krishna
    Balamani :young jewel
    Balaraj :strong
    Balaram :the brother of Lord Krishna
    Balbir :strong
    Baldev :strong
    Balgopal :baby krishna
    Balvindra, Balvinder :strong
    Balwant :strong
    Balwin :Bold Protector
    Banbihari :Lord Krishna
    Bandhu :friend
    Bandhul :pleasing
    Bankebihari :Lord Krishna
    Bankim :curved
    Bankimchandra :crescent moon
    Bansi :flute
    Bansilal :Lord Krishna; the first lord; Lord Vishnu
    Baradwaj :a star
    Barid :cloud
    Baridbaran :colour of the cloud

    Barindra :the ocean
    Barry :Spear, javelin
    Barton :Placename of where Barley was grown
    Barun :Lord of the Sea
    Basanta :spring
    Bashir :harbinger of good things
    Basistha :a sage
    Basudha :earth
    Beau :Handsome
    Benjamin :Son of my right hand
    Bernard :Bear-Brave
    Bhadraksh :one with beautiful eyes
    Bhagirath :one who brought river Ganga to the earth
    Bhagwant :fortunate
    Bhagyaraj :lord of luck
    Bhairav :Lord Shiva
    Bhajan :adoration
    Bhanu :the sun
    Bhanudas :a devotee of the sun
    Bhanuprasad :gift of sun
    Bharadwaj :a sage; a mythical bird
    Bharat :India; Another name for Bhisma and Yudhisthira.
    Bhargava :Lord Shiva
    Bhargyaraj :lord of luck
    Bhaskar :the sun
    Bhaskara :sun
    Bhaumik :attached to the earth
    Bhavesh :lord of the world
    Bhishma :one who has taken a terrible vow
    Bhooshan :decoration
    Bhooshit :decorated
    Bhudev :lord of the earth
    Bhupen :king
    Bhupendra :king of kings
    Bhushan :ornament
    Bhuvanesh :the lord of the world Vishnu
    Bibek :conscience
    Bibhas :a raga
    Bibhavasu :the sun; fire
    Bijoy :victory
    Bikram :prowess
    Bilva :a sacred leaf
    Bimal :pure

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    Default Indian Baby Boy Names with meaning

    Indian Baby Boy Names

    Bipin :forest
    Bitasok :one who does not mourn
    Blair :Child of the fields
    Blake :Pale
    Bodhan :kindling
    Boudhayan :the name of a sage
    Brahma :creator of the universe; growth, evolution
    Brahmabrata :ascetic
    Brahmadutt :dedicated to Lord Brahma
    Bratindra :devoted to right deeds
    Brent :High Place
    Brian :Hill Place
    Brijmohan :Lord Krishna
    Brock :Badger
    Brody :Unusual Beard
    Bruce :A place name
    Buddhadeva :Gautama Buddha
    Budhil :learned

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    Default Indian Baby Boy Names

    Name : Meaning

    Calder :Cool Clear Spring
    Caleb :Messanger, Dog
    Calvin :Bald One
    Cameron :Place name crooked stream, crooked nose
    Carlos :Strong and manly
    Cary :Place name, pleasent stream
    Casey :Watchful
    Ceasar :Hairy Child
    Cesar :Long Haired
    Chaggan :the Zodiac sign of Aries
    Chaitanya :another name for Krishna
    Chakor :a bird enamoured of the moon
    Chakrapani :Lord Vishnu
    Chakshu :eye
    Chaman :garden
    Chamanlal :garden
    Champak :a flower
    Chanchal :restless
    Chand :moon
    Chandak :the moon
    Chandan :sandalwood
    Chandra :bright, radiant
    Chandrabhan :the moon
    Chandrachur :Lord Shiva
    Chandrahas :bow of Shiva
    Chandrak :peacock feather
    Chandrakanta :the moon
    Chandrakishore :the moon
    Chandrakumar :the moon
    Chandramohan :attractive like the moon
    Chandran :the moon
    Chandranath :the moon
    Chandraraj :moonbeam

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    Default Indian Baby Boy Names with meaning

    Indian Baby Boy Names

    Chandrasekhara :another name for Shiva
    Chapal :quick
    Charan :feet
    Charles :A Man
    Chaturmukha :one with four faces; Brahma
    Chaz :Form of Charles
    Chetan :soul, conscience
    Chetana :intelligence
    Chhandak :the charioteer of Lord Buddha
    Chidambar : one whose heart is as big as the sky
    Chidananda :Lord Shiva
    Chinmay :blissful
    Chinmayananda :blissful
    Chintamani :philosopher's stone
    Chintan :thought, perception
    Chirag :a lamp
    Chiranjeev :lifelong
    Chirantan :immortal
    Chirayu :immortal
    Chitrabhanu :fire
    Chitraksh :beautiful eyed
    Chitral :of variegated colour
    Chitramukha :having a beautiful face
    Chitrarath :the sun
    Chitrasen :a king of Gandharvas
    Chitta :knowledge
    Chittaranjan :joy of inner mind
    Chittaswarup :the supreme spirit
    Chittesh :lord of the soul
    Christian :Annointed
    Christopher :One who belives in Christ
    Chudamani :jewel adorned by the gods
    Clarence :Place name
    Clark :Surname, scholar
    Claud :Lame
    Clay :Surname, clay-pit worker
    Clayton :Surname, place name, clay-pit site
    Clifford :Placename, near a slope
    Clinton :Surname, place name, near a hill
    Coleman :Dove, peace
    Colin :dove
    Colston :Place name,surname
    Conner :High desire
    Cooper :Surname
    Corbett :Black hair
    Cortez :Surname, place name
    Cosmo :Order
    Craig :Rocky outcropping
    Curtis :Courteous
    Cyril :Lord, ruler

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    Its maybe little late but nice name for baby is Angel.
    Original i dont think any other baby have that name :D.

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    Default Re: Suggest a baby name

    Quote Originally Posted by Perfection
    Dear friends,

    I request all of you suggest a Christian name for my new born baby.
    call him leonel hehehe

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    name him Leroy Jenkins
    just kidding i got nothing

    if you don't know who Leroy Jenkins just Google it

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