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    Media darling and real estate guru Donald Trump has experienced a lot over the years while building his empire. In his most recent book, "How to Get Rich" (Random House), Trump dispenses his secrets to rising to the top and becoming the best. If you're a wannabe apprentice, consider some of The Donald's business insight and job advice.

    Take control of the job interview
    Be persistent and committed to getting a job if you are sure it is a good match. Don't get discouraged easily. For example, Trump's longtime assistant wasn't an immediate shoe-in for the job. She offered to work for a month at a low salary to see if the two clicked. Turns out they did.

    Ask for your raise at the right time
    Timing is everything. Wait for the right time. Don't ask for a raise on a bad day or right before an important meeting. Waiting for the right time shows the boss you have discernment and appreciation for what he or she is going through. "Money, like comedy, is all about timing," Trump says.

    Play golf
    Do what you love. No matter what you do, you must be passionate about it. Trump turned his passion for golf into a winning business venture. Pursuing your passion will reward you in more ways than you ever expected.

    Go with your gut
    Trust yourself. "You may have the academic credentials, but without instincts you'll have a hard time getting to - and staying at - the top," Trump says. What guides us toward or away from certain situations or people is often unexplainable. Put faith in your intuitiveness.

    Be optimistic, but always be prepared for the worst
    Learn to expect problems. Being cautious is not necessarily being pessimistic. Problems are bound to happen - try to be ready for them.

    Read Carl Jung
    Psychology and self-help books are useful and can be good forms of business self-defense. Reading the work of Carl Jung can help you hone your intuition and instincts, and also master seeing into the people around you. By this, Jung's ideas can keep you centered and even help you develop a "grace under fire" demeanor.

    Have an ego
    Having an ego is a positive attribute and promotes wholeness. It keeps your conscious and unconscious aspects in balance, which is necessary because no ego means very little life force and too much means a dictatorial personality, says Trump.
    Keep critics in perspective
    You will be criticized in any job you do. If the opinion matters to you, determine whether anything productive can come from it. Many times, criticism isn't worth the paper it's written on, and if it is, view it as a compliment or proof of your existence.

    Homework is required and there will be a test
    Do your homework - you have to know what you're getting into. "Every industry has its bottom line for what is required to succeed," says Trump. Bottom line: you need to understand the process in any business. If you don't, you'll never reap the rewards.

    Dress for your culture
    How you dress says a lot about you and can make an impact before you even say a word. "Dressing successfully means understanding your environment: knowing the culture and making an effort to reflect - and respect - it." Money can buy great clothes, but a little style can go a long way.

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    haha...... if everyone wants to be his own boss and be Donald Trump, who will be employees?

    not everyone wants to be Donald Trump....... some of us are happy to be loyal employees....... less stressful, and less risky........ read Carolyn 101 by Carolyn Keepner.


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