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Thread: do u Know about Music theraphy

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    Default do u Know about Music theraphy

    If U Know Music theraphy.Pls Tell me.Iam Very Much Interested in that subject.

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    Default Music Cure for all

    All of us like and enjoy music. If one have time and patience to listen to music it can do miracles. We have a body and a mind. In most cases human mind is controlled by body and vice versa.

    If one is mentally strong or having will power, he can move mountains. Will power is courage, with it one can overcome all the difficulties. So one have acquire a healthy mind to lead a happy life.

    Music make mind happy. Lot of diseased people are more happier than healthy people by managing their mind. So listen to the music of your interest and lead a happy - healthy life.

    Be in a happy mood and take time to enjoy the music away from the madding crowd of the city. Music can do miracles if administered in a proper way.


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