When Shakeela announced that she was making a comeback in Malayalam, it had created ripples of shock in the film industry. Surprisingly, the most intense reactions were from some unexpected circles!

Shakeela sure is returning to Malayalam films with a special appearance in Mohanlal's new film Vasco da Gamma. But when they heard that she was planning a return, many film personalities assumed in a hurry that she was going to start starring in soft-porn films.

One of them is Rambha.

For some strange reasons, as soon as she heard the news, she announced that she would not mind doing any kind of glamorous role in Malayalam!!! Of course,the moment she realized the true intentions of Shakeela, she changed her mind about getting over-glamorous. Even otherwise, as Kalabhavan Mani's heroine, nobody expects her to be anything other than the simple girl-next-door.