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Thread: Why i love my Necro

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    Default Why i love my Necro

    hello my name is Kurami
    I play vanguard on the Flamehammer server and am in the most awesome guild in the whole Vanguard society.
    Warlords is a topnotch guild 8) with a really good leader :P.
    The people are always busy doing things helping each other and building up the guild.
    My Necromancer is currently lvl 16 almost 17.
    i like the fact i can solo and help out in a good group party.
    I love goruping with my friends, fellow guild members, and most everyone on the server.

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    Stop playing guild wars, and start playing world of warcraft. guild wars is a horrible game. I know, I played it for a month and stopped because it does not compare to WoW's gameplay at all.


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