Home owners facing the possibility of foreclosure need real, workable options. Modpro loan modification helps mortgage holders in finding loan opportunities that work for both the lender and the home owner. When traditional mortgage refinancing is not viable, Modpro offers brokers loan solutions to present to clients when their original home loans have become unmanageable. A dedicated Brokers section at www.Modproinc.com will provide brokers with all the information needed to consider loan modification as a feasible option for clients.

The benefits of loan modification are many and present an inviting solution as compared to home foreclosure. The home owner’s credit rating remains intact; the process does not affect neighborhood home values; and foreclosure is avoided with the possibility of selling the home later at a good price. With loan modification, debt is forgiven, avoiding the stress and embarrassment of legal proceedings. The biggest advantage for the borrower is the chance to remain with family in their own home at a monthly mortgage rate that is affordable.

Home owners, brokers, and lenders, visit the new website today at www.ModProInc.com for workable loss mitigation solutions. Contact Modpro at 1-866-257-0868 or via a convenient website contact form.