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Thread: Few problems with our forum - please help

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    Default Few problems with our forum - please help

    Hi everyone, our forum is hosted here. We have started our work recently, and we are experiencing few difficulties. If someone could help us we would really appreciate it :)
    1)First and the biggest problem seems to be bug with activation mails. Our forum admin tells me that activation mails are being sent to the users even if he disables that option, sometimes users even don't get them and they cannot activate their accounts.
    2) Encoding is not UTF-8 or Central European, it's Western. How can we change this?
    3) How can we change colour of the fonts in forum styles?
    4) Avatar file size is limited to 6 kilobytes, and we want bigger avatars :)

    Every help would be welcome. Thanx

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    Pozdrav druze!
    1. Activation mails are the biggest problem around here. Don't ask me why. I have the very same problem and have to activate the accounts manually even though I disable activation by mail!
    2. I believe that we are "forced" to use Western. It's not a big problem at all at my forum. Ali bi Vukova slova bila dobra!
    3. That's something I would like to know! btw if you find out how to do it please share that info with us.
    4. I believe your users can host their avatars on some other place like phohobucket.


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    Thunder11, thanks! Hvala brate, ko će da pomogne ako neće zemljak

    If someone knows the solution for account activation problems, and other problems I mentioned in the first post, please be so kind to share it with us. Thanks!

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    haj vi budite dobri pa meni pomozite kad nece ovi kreteni ovdje haha


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