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    Default online gallery


    how do i create a online gallery ?
    what software should i be learning ?


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    none softwate
    just a href link!
    every picture pun in it own insider page
    so people can surf betwin pictures without changing chanle~~~

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    Default online gallury

    you don`t any software only what you have to do you have to place the picture on your web page and have to give the href properly

    but you can try a software named blue voda

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    You can use software to create photo gallery by searching from google e.g. Flash Album Creator, or PHP script 4images, or Photo gallery script.

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    Default Web photo Gallery

    Web photo Gallery

    First select the photos/images which are to be placed in the gallery and copy them to a folder in your PC. Open Adobe Photoshop File ->Automate->Web photo Gallery.

    This will open a dialog box where you have to select a style for your Gallery, browse and add folder containing photos to be added in Gallery, Browse and give the destination folder to save the Gallery files formed by Photoshop, select an option for image size, Click Ok.

    You will be getting a reradymade gallery in the Destination folder mentioned. If you know some basic html, you can readjust the gallery as you wish. Upload the files to a server.

    There will be a Gallery folder, sub folders like images, pages and thumbnails.

    For a sample view :

    If you are planning for a Gallery like, you have to develop the script after learning PHP, Mysql etc. Or purchase the script from the developer.


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