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Thread: Help me installing spanish lang and subsilver, please

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    Default Help me installing spanish lang and subsilver, please

    I'm totally new here, and I noticed that some people (appart from myself) are having problems with language. What can I do if my forum just have english as default and no choice to select another one?
    I know the answer might be here

    Language & Image Packs
    phpBB2 has been localised into several languages by a dedicated team of translators. All official packs are listed below, please note that we cannot support language sets downloaded from other sites.

    To install a language pack simply decompress the downloaded package into the languages/ directory. It will immediately become available to all users.

    Do not forget to download the related subSilver package, this contains localised button images for the default subSilver style. These should be decompressed in the templates/ directory. Support for these is automatic when the appropriate language is utilised.

    Remember when decompressing the package that you must retain the directory or folder structure. If you are unsure how to do this with your software please check its documentation. Failure to retain the directory structure will result in the language not being available.

    I already downloaded the spanish lang and subsilver, but where do I install that? :? I can't understand this-

    Heeeeeeeeelp :cry:

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    Not all languages are not supported now. Some servers have several languages, not on all servers. This is because it is difficult to provide support for non-English languages. We are mainly focusing on English forums.
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    I'm in the same situation... I have everything, all the packs of traslation in my computer.
    Is there is something I can do? In wich server is the Spanish Language? I can move my forum to another server to do this?


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    Why nobody reply me this?
    It's impossible to move my forum to another server, or make another possible solution??


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