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Thread: Fire in a hole! HElp needed

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    Default Fire in a hole! HElp needed

    winXP can't boot the message in start up screen system32\driver\Ntfs.sys missing , reinstal of XP didn't' work no hard disc detected.Looks like a hard disc or bios breakdown.But the bios detect the hard d.
    the main board is A8R-MX-vintage,hard disc wd160 i don't know is a sata 1 or 2.
    Please help!

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    Default Disconnect and reconnect

    Hi freind,

    Before going for a new hard disk, try this. You may be lucky to get the proble solved.

    1. Disconnect and reconnect the hard disk - power and data cable. Then restart.

    2. Check whether HD is detected by Bios. Still not detecting some system files like ntldr.* may be missing.

    3. Install another operating system in your PC.

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    I have put HD on other comp,click format and reinstall Win,but don't know witch thing (virus?) have take down windows.


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