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Thread: Creating a company run from home

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    Default Creating a company run from home


    I am looking to incorporate a new business from home, is it possible to use a home address as the registered office address? Additionally as a way of cutting costs etc do I actually have to appoint a company secretary?


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    It is perfectly possible to have your company registered from your home address and many people do this. There may be restrictions in your lease or by way of restrictive covenant on using your home for anything other than residential purposes, which is a rather different matter. In practice, it will depend on the nature of the business. If you are just using your spare bedroom as an office and so there is no interference with your neighbours, etc., it is unlikely to be a problem.
    With regard to the company secretary, this is still a requirement until the new (2006) Act comes into effect which, for these purposes, is April 2008. Until then you need a company secretary. You may refer to the online services Tax haven companies for the best answer and solution to your requirements.
    Best of luck.


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