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    I've currently changed to contracting for a UK based company that I used to work full time for before. Due to the nature of my work I can work from anywhere with an internet connection so I am planning and indeed practicing being out of the UK for over 9 months of the year (changing country every couple of months or so) to claim non-residency and tax free status.

    However I currently only have a UK bank account and if I have my money is paid into this I believe it will be liable for tax? I'm desperately trying to find out how to quickly open an offshore account but all the information I have googled for and read hasn't really been that helpful.

    Also initially I don't have a large sum of money to deposit although I could get a loan but really I would rather not. I'm not a big financial institution (We are talking about ~£74k a year) so lots of the options I have seen don't suit me.

    There must be some people out there in a similar situation that have found a workable solution?

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    I would like to suggest you for great incorporation services provider called taxhavencompany dot com. I thing it will be right place for your solution. It covers nearly everything you need to do for a Seychelles incorporation of an offshore company; opening a bank account; renewal annually; attesting the documents in the required consulates; Apostille service; keeping the records confidential. All this through a person whom you can contact directly through email, phone, fax, or face to face only if you wish.

    Best wishes!


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