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Thread: why didn't he call back?

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    Default why didn't he call back?

    This is kind of a long story and i really don't want to read too much into it but i think i have a right to be very confused!
    roughly a week ago i met this guy and we had a cool conversation and i was pleasantly surprised when he really wanted to give me his number and ask if i'd call him. i decided to call him two days later and left a message on his voicemail. the next day he called back and we planned to get coffee two days later, when he was supposed to get off work early.
    cut to a few hours before we're supposed to meet, when i get a voicemail on my cell after coming out of class saying he couldnt get off work early, that hopefully we can reschedule for later that week and he would call me later. i also missed a few things he said because of background noise but i assume it wasn't anything that important. maybe i should've waited for him to call me but i figured i'd do the polite thing and call to verify i got the change of plans. of course, i got his voicemail again so i just said it was cool and he can call me to reschedule later.
    that was five days ago and i'm quite confused because isn't it a bit rude for him not to call back especially after changing the plans? or is this whole thing behind us and he might just call back whenever he feels like it? or should i risk seeming desperate and text him and ask what's up? i really wanted to hang out as friends because we had a lot in common..
    any advice is appreciated, thanks!

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    well, first of all, if you see him you should ask him why he didn't call you. but if you go to different schools or you just don't see each other you should call him. If you do go to the same school (or whatever the building or place is) and you haven't seen him the 5 days, something might have happened. Calling,texting, or emailing him to get information about why he didn't call would probably be a good idea. Or if something really upseting or very sad happened in his life, that might trigger him to forget about calling you back. for example family members very sick in the hospital or worse. So, if you think you have waited long enough, you should probably call him or just try to contact him in anyway.

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    I disagree with the first reply to the original post:

    Pre-Address to the Inevitable Response to My Reply:
    In the military, everyone has a designation, a job that they do, to keep the unit running smoothly. So it is with society, in civilian life. And w/o everyone doing what they are designated to do, as they should, on point, and on time, the society/unit suffers as a whole, in small to large ways, like care that needs new spark plugs or something like that... My point: We all need eachother in at least one small way, for one small thing.

    My Reply:

    You are an intelligent, literate human being, continuing in education, no? You have goals, goals which are for the greater benifit of the whole of humanity, and our world, no? You had such goals before you ever met said male, no? So then, would it not be sensible to think that maybe said male had pre-existing goals, like your own, at the time of your original chance encounter? And would it not also be sensible to say that both you and said male would be perfectly on on point, on time, on track and in order if you continued in the directions toward said goals, which you were both independently traveling, before said original chance encoounter? Do any of you above mentioned concerns truly add to or take anything from your true goals or who you truly are?

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    well seeing this is your first post here and you are posting such personal questions i would say he did not call you cause he figured he did not like something. Or the something he was waiting on came through and since you were a back up plan he let you drop. Just move on.


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