I have guru disgust syndrome. More often than not, there are people who claim to be internet marketing experts, but have no real credibility behind it. They play to the emotions of unsuspecting people who part with their money but never get what they expect.

This is the world of the internet marketing experts we know today. It is a world filled with skepticism, and an instant gratification world that does not allow real people to show themselves because of the fear that "normal results" are not good enough.

So, you want to be an internet marketing expert? Be my guest! I don't suppose you are going to want to have to hold the responsibility of being accused of being "one of the scammers" in the world.

Of course, there are pre-requisites. If you want to know good internet marketing experts, they are usually not easy to find. They have results that are so key, they will rather hide it than to give it to you. Some experts are already right there in front of you, but they don't consider themselves experts. These are the ones you should be learning from. They have some knowledge, but that knowledge could mean a difference of 4 or 5 figures to you!

What I'm saying is this: if you are actively seeking out mentors, anyone, even a newbie, could be a mentor to you. You can develop your internet marketing skills through observing more people. In the short run, you will need to know who are good at what they do. This is why I recommend that you go to the place where you get third party input about who is an internet marketing expert.

All you need to do is to simply ask about your "guru" in question on the forums I've provided, and there will be people who will breathe new life into your evaluation. Of course, this also means there are some experts on the forums who can already answer your questions.