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Thread: General Aviation: New French and English forum

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    Dear All,

    This is my first visit here. I'm an Ireland' lover, I lived in Dublin during 2 years (was working in one of those american call centers...).
    I'm private pilot and glider pilot since 1991.
    I'm here to inform you that new french forum, where you are all warmly welcome, dedicated to general aviation has been launched last week.

    The forum address is air-aviation (org)

    To convince our English/Irish/American and others friends to join us, we have an English sub-forum where our English members may ask here their questions about France, the second nice country after... Ireland!

    Our French members will be very pleased to inform you about the typical French customs (aviation concerned or not): hot spots or places to avoid, airport information (no problem here, avoid it, services, taxes, custom services, etc).
    You will find here links, view-points and hints.
    There's also a place where to discuss and learn everything about our own native langage.

    The Forum Air & Aviation is not a commercial organization. All administrators are voluntary and strictly unpaid.

    Hope to see you, and hope you'll enjoy.

    air-aviation (org)

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    Your forum is neat and clean. I lovee France. :P Too bad I don't understand French.

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    Hi K.Afka,

    Thanks for this. There are English Spoken sections, and feel free to join us and to post in your own mother-tongue language (most of the members are fluent in English, and will translate).


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