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Thread: abstract decorative oil paintings

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    Default abstract decorative oil paintings

    xiamen xiongfei oil painting manufacturing company , is situated in the world garden city --xiamen island,which is the biggest oil painting production center in china.
    xiongfei oil painting manufacturing company, has operated since 1998,has more
    than 200 regular painters and contact thousands painters who cover all kinds of painting styles. We have the capacity to produce a monthly output of about 4000 pieces of paintings.
    our orders are mainly exported to United States and Europe.we assure that our product is of high quality and each order is always delivered on time .

    Main business lines
    Our main business is to provide oil painting service for arts businessmen domestic and abroad, galleries, families as well as other organizations, and to wholesale oil paintings with all kinds of themes and specifications.
    we duplicate famous paintings and customize portrait and afford place to purchase the oil paintings.

    the subject of belowing .
    Size(Cm) Unit US$

    30x40 3.3
    40X50 4.5
    50X50 5.8
    50X60 6.5
    50X70 7.8

    For more details and photos ,you can visit our web xmoilpainting dot com
    or add me on msn xmoilpainting at hotmail dot com

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    Default Impressionist Landscape(knife), Gauguin, Monet, Modigliani

    the price of Impressionist Landscape(knife), Gauguin, Monet, Modigliani

    size Unite price$

    30X40 3.9
    40X50 6.5
    50X50 7.5
    50X60 8.4
    50X70 10.1
    70X70 14.0
    60X90 14.0
    90X90 19.5
    90X120 26.0

    the belows are some samples.


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