Over past few years Ubuntu Linux has become extremely popular owing to it's simple interface and ease , and has attracted a majority of new Linux users to it . Now a majority of new Ubuntu Linux users are people who are switching from Windows to Linux owing to their frustrations with Windows
platform .Now Ubuntu because of many licensing restrictions , and nature of open source products dosn't include many codecs , applications that a windows refugee would look in a Desktop Linux Distribution . Linux Mint takes a step in addressing this problem .

Linux is mint is based on popular Gnome Desktop environment , however interestingly the first release of Linux Mint was based on KDE and then they changed to Gnome with next release.

Linux Mint is basically a variant of Ubuntu Linux , that has a closer relation ship to Ubuntu in comparative term than Ubuntu has with Debian Linux, it is customized to be user friendly with interactive wizards , a more user friendly themes and comes with most of the codecs and plug ins pre-installed thus giving functionality of Ubuntu without hassles of missing codecs/applications.

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