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Thread: Mental vs normal Is there a double standard?

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    Default Mental vs normal Is there a double standard?

    > Sorry if I offended anyone. I justed the title as short as possible.
    > Okay If you're mental you're wishy washy. If your normal flexible.
    > If you're mental you're rigid. If you're normal you stick to your guns.
    > If you're normal in touch with your feelings. Mental, overemotional
    > If you're normal you're delirious with joy. If you're mental ,manic.
    > If you're normal you're sad. If you're mental, depressed.
    > If you're normal your keenly interested in something. Mental OCD.
    > In other words there seems, at least to me, a double standard when it
    > comes to the same activity for mental vs normal.
    > Please lets not get into what's normal. I define normal as what
    > socieity in general thinks of as normal. Not the best definition but
    > the one I think is most pragmatic , relevant for my message here.
    > Yes I realize there are symptoms of mental illness. However I think
    > there a quite different views of the same behavior in both groups.
    > Well what's your opinion?
    > Lynda Appell

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    I consider abnormal behaviour if the behaviour disturbes most of ones daily functions. If it disturbes the "normal" interaction with others.

    I have a group and website about the bordeline personality disorder and am married to a man with this problem.
    I have a son with a form of autism.....

    Yes they have the same emotions as we all do, but they are extreme in it.
    Thats what disturbes their lives and the lives of the ones they inter act with.

    Dont get me doesnt make them less human, maybe on the contrary.


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