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    Be creative when you leave tips for the waitress, hair dresser. Give a card
    when you pay your bill.

    2.Print out your contact information, to have that with you at all times.

    3.Drop cards off a your baby daycare, they come in contact with several
    parents everyday.

    4.College campuses,kids are always looking for a part time job, check out
    the dorms.

    5.Try the housing center and bulletin boards for leaving cards and brochures.

    6.New people in the neighborhood, leave a brochure,cards or catalogs.

    7.Contact your chamber of Commerce and ask for permission to locate
    job fairs

    8. Contact your locate college and find out when the job fair will be.

    9. Contact small business like salons,banks and stores

    10.Ask the local restaurants and ask if you can advertise on their place mat

    11.Hold a block party for your block

    12.Get your business listed in your telephone yellow book

    13. Get your business information printed on pencils,pens and hand them out to everyone you and your family meet.

    14. Get your business information printed on balloons,distribute them to others

    15.Get your business information printed on caps and let other people wear them

    16. Try using t-shirts ,let your friends and family wear them around town.

    17.Leave your cards in bathrooms,on the back of the doors

    18. Get your name display on magnets, so it's easier to place on fridge doors, hand them out to family and friends, and everytime they see an
    opportunity give them away

    19. Trade business information with a friend and when you advertise for yourself, advertise for them too.

    20.Contact your church and ask if you can advertise in their bulletins or program

    (Not sure if I can post here, forgive me if I'm wrong.)

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    You can always post your thoughts.
    You are most welcome.
    And nice one too.

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    Default Thanks Indianbaba

    Hello Indianbaba,

    I have never met you and I can truely say I appreciate you.
    One never knows when their words or acknowledgement
    will hit home.I needed to hear something positive at the
    very moment I read your words of thanks.

    Thanks you, I'm happy to be here. :)

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    Thats where forums are very advantageous. You can get many friends here and share your knowledge.
    Keep posting.

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    yes indianbaba is right abt this... forums are one of those places wer pppl can give out their views and can make very gud frnds which they will hardly meet. but still share their knwledge.


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