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Thread: A gift and a process

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    Default A gift and a process

    Hi everyone,

    I have never had a mentor in my life,
    so I am not sure what they do,or how
    they help others. I have been told that
    a mentor helps, teach, and tutors others
    to direct and lead them. They should
    inspire you, and help you be successful.

    With the world in which we life, and with
    so many different subjects around.Someone
    that have the experience and the no how
    should want to help others, especially if they
    are looking for your help.Experience learned
    should be shared with others, in order to grow a
    business. I hope that mentor's do the right
    thing and share their knowledge. Everyone needs
    help in one way or another.

    Experience your spirituality as a gift and a process

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    A mentor need not be always a successful person. He may be a failure person also. Using his ways you can find out the ways which will lead to failure(from his experience).
    A mentor can also be your friend. Dont worry if you dont hav e a mentor. Make your life in such a way that you be a mentor for others in the future.


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