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    Dear friends,

    Watch live tv on your PC 50+ indian tv channels(works better with IExplorer]


    In today's hectic and demanding world occupied by an increasing population of workaholics, we barely have time to relax, to unwind, or to simply take a breather. We find ourselves in front of the computer at least eight hours a day, and that does not cover the time we access the Internet at home, or even on the road. We work, we eat, we work, we sleep, we work, we relieve ourselves, and we work some more, typing away at our keyboards. Even when we're on a self-imposed break, we find ourselves improving our typing speed or chatting with friends, again through the computer. Do we even remember when we last read the news on print? Guess not

    And this is not completely a bad thing. In fact, being attached to our virtual friend has tons of advantages. Through the Internet, we have access to a wide range of information and we can search specific topics simply by entering in a keyword. Learners have become proficient researchers with the help of fast and powerful search engines. We get immediate link to people and places.


    And one of the most valuable pros perhaps for us drudges and corporate slaves, the Internet has given us an opportunity to relax, to unwind, and to simply take a breathing space without lifting a finger and without needing to rush home to catch the last minutes of the day's news, the last episode of our favorite soap opera, or the tenth rerun of our favorite movie (knowing that we've already missed the last nine ones).

    Sidney J. Harris once said that the time to relax is when you don't have time for it. What does he mean by that? It means that the time to relax for us toilers is NOW.

    In an age where everything is virtually mobile ,Online Television Network keeps up with the trend. All one would need is a PC or a laptop and an Internet connection and things will be all set. in less than 5 minutes, the user can watch any show, from anywhere, on just about anything. One can access over 50+ channels from India without having to install a satellite dish or sign up for expensive cable subscriptions.

    Choose from countless movie channels on every genre there is. Watch full-length movies ranging from comedy, drama, action, or even those hard-to-find foreign movies. For music lovers, view the latest music videos from India.

    Moreover, through Online Television Network, sports buffs can watch NBA Basketball Games, NFL Football Games, and MLB Games straight from the computer through channels like ESPN, Neo Sports TV, Fox Sports network and Sports Star. Premium channels on news, business and politics like NDTV, STAR NEWS, CNNIBN, AAJTAJ, are also carried to name a few. Plus educational and kids channels that carry cartoons and movies for the whole family.

    Now that's power to choose at your fingertips. Who says we can't mix work and pleasure?

    Enjoy Watching Live Television Online! Visit

    thank you for your visit.


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    It's very useful .............


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