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Thread: Always bring the best, of who you have become

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    Default Always bring the best, of who you have become


    Some of us find ourself in the same predicament as
    we did last year. Last year we made the same promise,
    that we would succeed. That we would have prospered.
    But that did not happen, so you continue to struggle
    trying to make the best of your life.

    Have you honestly asked yourself why you can't move
    forward.And when you answered did you acknowledge
    with the truth. Could you be fearful,are you nervous
    talking to others, are you afraid to succeed, to change
    your life?

    Some of us get these negative thoughts in our head.
    They rule how you think and it dictates how brave you
    will be. The worst thing is that it tells you that you have
    failed even before you tried. Unfortunately the only way
    to free yourself, is that we fight with all our might, and
    pray for change.Start there and see what happens.
    Fight fear. Don't let it hold you back.

    Think green:.. take shorter showers

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    thanks jada!!
    its real llife :D
    in last month i really face this


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