It's never too late to make a change in your life.
If you have something in mind that you want to
do, to accomplish before it's too late, then do it.

What we fail to understand is that we don't have
control of our lives.We don't get to choose when
we become ill, die or get old. Therefore, whenever
an idea or a strong feeling tells you, you are not complete,
then do something about it. Take some time to really
give it your full attention. You won't know if it's for you,
if you don't try.. :(

We have the opportunity to change our minds and
do anything we want to do because we live in a
free country called America. We are so blessed and we
fail to reconize it.You have the option to choose and
refuse as often as we want. So take this time to
consider whatever changes you think may be possible.
If it does not work out ,you can go back. We are not
stuck with it , we can choose. :D

So ask yourself what do you want to try. Own a cafe,
go back to school,or maybe work from home. Think
carefully about your options, But don't waste time,
because time does not wait for anyone. Don't limit
TIP Try 20 plain m&m instead of 20 peanut m&m :lol: