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Thread: plz help me !

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    Default plz help me !

    hi guys!
    hey ppl!i am very dissappointed ,got my broadband bill shot up!didn download mush,just surfed .....but its so high!i did watch videos in you tube but!
    hey watching videos in youtube ,will it cost more download? :( ..can anyone help me out?is video streaming is the reason for the shoot up in the bill!

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    Sorry to hear about that :(

    Youtube videos eat a lot more megabytes then regular web pages. So probably thats why your bill shot up. I have a downloaded video from youtube which is approximately 7 minutes, and it's size is 18 mb.

    So approximately 1 min is 2.5 mb. (It probably depends on the video)

    Be careful next time.

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    my english is not so good and i cant understand for what are you talking about?


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