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    *Mix your favorite lipstick with a dab of Vaseline. This will serve as excellent lip gloss.

    *Keep nail polish in the refrigerator to make in easy to apply. If the nail polsh hardens, warm it up in a glass of hot water before use.

    *Mix juice from one lemon with equal quantity of honey and double quantity of yoghurt. Massage on spot of skin discolored by exposure to sun or for other reason. Do so for a fortnight. Lighter and clearer skin will result in most cases.

    *Raw potato slices applied on skin repeatedly around eyes will either drive away or lighten the dark circles under the eyes.

    *Try this for smooth lovely fingers. Dip fingers in a bowl of warm water mixed with juice of one lemon. Keep soaked for five minutes, Rinse dry. Then rub the lemon peel from which you had taken the juice, vigorously on the nails.

    *If bags of frozen peas are placed on skin under the eye, puffiness and swollen eyes will turn to look natural.

    *If you color your hair for best results do it on hair that has not been washed for a full day. the color will cling better to hair.

    *For dandruff, try shampooing hair with shampoo added with one plain aspirin. There will be better results.

    *Before applying perfume rub Vaseline on skin to allow perfume to linger longer.

    *If you have heat boils, apply rose water mixed with soda bicarbonate (one table spoon)

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    TO be fashionable make sure
    that you are comfortable and
    confident with what you are
    wearing. Like when you are wearing
    sunglasses, don't be shy if you feel
    like everybody's staring at you.
    Just walk gracefully and be yourself.

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