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    *Soak stiff starchy new cottons in a solution of 1/2 cup milk to 7 water. Soak for at least 1 or 2 hours. Wash off with regular detergents. This will soften the cloth removing undesired stiffness of the starch.

    *Remove coffee stains from fabrics, sponge stained area with borax solution, And wash off with warm soap suds. If stain is old and dried, loosen first with Glycerine solution.

    *Remove grease stains: Put a few drops of methylated spirit on cottonwool and rub stain. If fresh, keep stained portion between layers of blotting paper, and rub gentlyl with hot iron, so it absorbs the grease. Then wash with warm soapy water.

    *Remove lipstick stains from fabrics, by first rubbing with Vaseline. Then sponge with soap suds and wash with warm water.

    *Try removing ball pen ink stains with nailpolish remover. Dab over it and rub gently with cotton Soaked in remover. Wash after drying, with mild detergent.

    *Rub tomato juice on moistened stain on fabric or garment. The stain will eventually disappear. Then wash with soap suds as usual. Hang out to dry.

    *Rub tomato juice on moistened stain on fabric or garment. The stain will eventually disappear. Then wash with soap suds as usual. Hang out to dry.

    *Boil clothes soiled in holi colour in water (1/2 cup sugar added to a bucketful water), for a few minutes. Allow to cool, add detergent, continue as for normal wash.

    *While washing fine and expensive china, place a towel at the bottom of the sink to act as a cushion. This will prevent the many chippings and cracks caused while washing.

    *Place empty wrappers of fragrant toilet soaps in wardrobe corners to spread a cool aromatic feeling in the closet and the clothes.

    *To remove lint from coats, trousers, etc. Take strips of wide white medical sticking tape. Place over lint-covered area sticky side down, press evenly. Peel off with a jerk. The lint will stick to the adhesive. Repeat several time with the same tape in other areas, till stickiness is not left.

    *Rub soap cake over food stains on fabric. Dry in sun for 2-3 hours. Wash with regular detergent and see the stain clear or lighten to almost invisible.

    *To remove grease stains from fabrics. Soak stain in pure petrol. Allow to dry. Wash with soap and water as usual. Do not soak in soap.

    *Use starch water from rice to give a light starch to your cotton or silk scarves, dupattas, or sarees. Dilute before using.

    *Rinse white clothes in water to which some alum powder is added, for better whites.

    *Black and blue cloured clothes which have faded, look new if dipped in concentrated aquamarine blue solution.

    *Bring the shine back on jari work of a saree by rubbing alum powder on the work with a small soft brush. Dust off and wipe.

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