Amazing facts about “Chewing Gum”!!
Amazing facts about “Chewing Gum”

Most of us do have our very own favourite chewing gum, sometimes taken to soothe up relaxation, strengthen up concentration, after-meal take, etc. Ranging from Extras to Big Red… We love them especially with a touch of flavor like mint, cinnamon, strawberry, etc. Well, do you know what a chewing gum can do other than that?

“Chewing Gum after a meal can prevent heartburn!!”

I’m sure you’re surprised as I was the first time when I read about this. So here’s the reason to this amazing fact:

The list of ideas for easing heartburn is long and filled with home remedies, many unproved. But one of the simplest, chewing gum may be among the most effective.

"Heartburn results from digestive fluids traveling from stomach to esophagus in a process known as gastro esophageal reflux."

When scientists set out to study whether this could be countered by chewing gum, they assumed the answer would be no.
Instead they found that the saliva stimulated by chewing seemed to neutralize acid and help force fluids back to the stomach.
“In a study published in The journal of dental research, researchers had 31 people eat heartburn-inducing meals and then asked random subjects to chew sugar-free gum for 30 minutes. Acid levels after the meals were significantly lower when the participants chewed gum.”

The bottom line:
Studies show that chewing gum after a meal can significantly reduce the severity of heartburn.