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    *Squeezed out, lemon can be used to rub the hands, nails, and fingers. Rub till peel and hands turn dry. Wash after 15 minutes. Best done leisurely, while relaxing as in watching TV, etc.

    **Dry almond skins in sun till brittle. Powder, mix with gram flour, turmeric *and store. Add curds and honey to a Tablespoonful of mixture and use to *rub skin clean while bathing. Making and excellent cleaning agent for the Body and face.

    *Dip fingers in warm olive oil every alternate day for 7-8 minutes. Remove and rub the oil that stays over till the hands absorb it. Reuse the same oil cup to keep fingers and hands soft and free from winter dryness.

    *Make a smooth paste of fresh tender green gram (1 tsp.), curds (2 tsp.), turmeric (2-3 pinches) spread smoothly over face. Wash after 15-20 minutes for that fresh cool feeling.

    *Chill cucumber juice and apply pads soaked in them over tired and strained eyes, to release the tension and bring back freshness and sparkle. Repeat daily.

    *To get bushy eye brows, apply hair conditioner to eye brows at night everyday and leave overnight washoff in the morning. The nutrients in the conditioner work wonders. By Shatish Patel

    *Use a soft baby toothbrush to clean nails while bathing. They come out clean And it is not harsh on the nails.

    *Rub inner peel of ripe papaya over face and neck. Wash off with tap water, and wipe with A soft towel after 15 minutes. Apply a mild astringent if desired. This leaves a cool, fresh, Feel on the face for hours. Regular use, will make the skin soft and glowing.

    *Inner peel of bananas can be rubber over skin, and washed off After 15 minutes, for that fresh, cool, glowing feeling.

    *Rub the inner side of a banana peel all over the face and neck. Relax for 15 minutes. Wash With tap water and dab with a soft towel thereafter. An easy instant natural treatment which Makes facial skin feel fresh and rejuvenated.

    *Apply decoction, got from boiling tea leaves in plain water and strained, to dark circles under The eyes. Cool the decocotion well before applying, Regular application will lighten them.

    *Rinse washed hair with a dilute decoction of tea in the last mugful, to add a lustre and bounce To your hair.

    *Cover face with fresh clean peels of cucumber, potato, etc. (soaked in a little rosewater), relax For 15 minutes, remove peels and wash off with tap water. Pat dry with soft towel. Gives you a great fresh and rejuvenated feeling. You will almost feel your pores breathing back.

    *Dry lemon and orange peels till brittle. Powder them and sieve with a fine mesh. Rub teeth with powder and wash. This mixture acts as an excellent whitener for teeth, with continued use.

    *Add salt to a tsp. of lemon juice to make a paste. Apply all over teeth, brush to give a gentle massage, rinse. Makes teeth white. Repeat weekly for very yellow cases.

    *Let mehndi stay on hands for 8-9 hours (or overnight) after applying. Dab with cotton wool soaked in very sweet sugar water, every hour, till you take off the mehndi.

    *Cover hand with a single layer of thin silk or polyester scarf, before slipping through bangles, if they are tight fitting and there is fear of breaking them. They will slip through very easily. Or use the corner of you sari pallu of the same material.

    *Warm hair oil, before massaging into the hair. This way it will soak better at the roots and is more effective. Alternate hot and cold water soaked towels to turban the head 2-3 times before washing oiled hair.

    *To make mehndi come out brighter, rub a little sesame oil on palms before applying, and dab a swab of cotton soaked in mustard oil after applying. This way the mehndi will not fall off soon after drying up.

    *Apply petroleum jelly all along the hairline, face and neck before applying dye to hair. This will avoid staining of the skin with dye that tends to run down.

    *Do not throw away cucumber peels. Place them in a moist cloth till you have the time. Place them inner peel touching skin, all over your face. Relax with closed eyes for 15 minutes. Splash face with tap water, pat dry, apply moisturiser. The peels should also be placed over eyes.

    *While sieving maize flour do not throw away the upper rough husk. Use this mixed with gram or urad or masoor dal flour as a scrub, by making a paste with some curds and rose water. Your face will feel clean, fresh and healthy.

    *Make a paste of gramflour and honey, with a few drops of lime. Wash face, rub the used lemon vigorously all over face and neck. Apply paste. Keep for 10 minutes. Wash off with tap water. Feel your skin glowing and fresh.

    *To access bindis easily, put them in a small photo album, like photographs. They will be not fall about and can be located very fast.

    *Grate cucumber before soiling your hands with any other ingredients, like chillies. Save the extracted water and apply on face with a clean cotton ball. Wash off after 30-40 minutes for a clean, cool, feel.

    *Make a pack of raw potato peels, by folding in a wet gauze. Place two such packs over eyes for 15-20 minutes. Regularly used, this helps in reducing puffiness under the eyes and dark circles.

    *Sun dry lemon peels till brittle. Powder and use for scrubbing the face clean.

    *Rub the peel of ripe papaya, (inner side) on skin of face and hands, after peeing fruit. Keep for 15 minutes and wash off with cool water, for a fresh clean feel.

    *Rub face with the peel of papaya, (inner side) keep for fifteen minutes. Wash with cool water, for a fresh clean feel.

    *Do not throw away almond peels. Sun dry and drygrind fine. Mix with gramflour, curd and use as a face wash.

    *Use a mixture of lemon juice and glycerine in equal parts to dip nails which are brittle and bruised to make them stronger and shinier. Repeat process regularly if the case is extreme.

    *To get rid of dandruff apply the following mixture of once or twice a week. Keep for 20-25 minutes before washing off with a mild soap or shampoo. Warm together, 1 tbsp. curds, 2 tsp. oil and 1 tsp. lemon juice.

    *When grinding udad dal for dosas, keep aside 2 tsp. for applying to hair. Keep on for 15 minutes, wash with shampoo as normally. Gives body and lustre to hair.

    *Combs can be cleaned by dipping them for a while in a solution of washing soda and warm water.

    *Soak used lime peels (20-25 at a time) in hot water for an hour or two. Squeeze peels inside the water. Strain. Mix 2-3 tsp of rose water. Mix this water in the last part of you bath water, for the tangy lemony-fresh luxury bath. At no extra cost !!.

    *Soak a few (4-5) tablets of camphor in your hairoil (coconut) to keep away dandruff and lice.

    *To get rid of dandruff, mix juice of 1 lime in 1 tbsp. curd (yoghurt) and 1 tsp. coconut oil. Apply to the scalp and hair 1 hour before shampooing. Do this at least once a week for dandruff-free hair

    *Make a potpourri of dried roses, lavender, jasmine, mintleaves, oatmeal and a handful of coarse gram flour. Tie in a strong but not too thick cloth. Soak for 10 minutes in bathwater and rub youaelf with the pouch while bathing for a fresh, fragrant and clean, clean bath.

    *To avoid fingernails getting grimy and gritty during messy work, apply some petroleum jelly or vaseline generously all over the hands.

    *To get rid of dandruff, add one part water to one part vinegar and apply to scalp. Wash after half an hour. Repeat this weekly for good results.

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