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    do i have to use linux for BSD ?

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    Both are good OS. Use what you know better. You can easily find help for linux. For FreeBSD, you need to be an expert at times, you need to find solution for problems yourself.

    As for performance, i used FreeBSD for long, but i don't see any performance difference between linux and freebsd. Both works fine for me. May be you will see some difference if you run benchmark, but for normal use, both are good.
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    Both OS-es are good. There are some diferences bettwen FreeBSD and Linux:
    - FreeBsd has excelent handbook (FreeBSD Handbook) that is very good for offline info. Linux on the other hand has some docs but not as freebsd handbook
    - FreeBSD is somewhat harder to set up in some cases. If you use DesktopBSD or other "nice and good gui" freebsd derivate then you will have no problems.
    - for bsd there are ports. You can use any bsd derivate and still you can use the same ports. For linux you can compile from source (itīs universall for all distros). For binary packages you are lucky if you use ubuntu or fedora/opensuse because these are mainstream distros and for them there are too many packages ;)

    I use linux but i would like one linux handbook just like the one from freebsd ;)


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