Great Good News for Diabetics Patients

Now a days a lot of people, old men & women in particular suffer a lot due to Diabetes.


1. Wheat flour -100 gm
2. Gum (of tree) (gondh) -100 gm
3. Barley -100 gm
4. Black Seeds -100 gm

Method of Preparation

*Put all the above ingredients in 5 cups of water. Boil it for 10 minutes and put off the fire. Allow it to cool down by itself.

*When it has become cold, filter out the seeds and preserve the water in a glass bowl or bottle.

How to use it?

*Take one small cup of this water every early morning when your stomach is empty. Continue this for 7 days.

*Next week repeat the same but in alternate days.

*With these 2 weeks of treatment you will wonder to see that you have become normal to eat normal food without problem.

May APPROVE cure to you!

*Note: Our request is to spread this to as many as possible so that others can also take benefit out of it.