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Thread: Tips and Benefits for Nutrition and Diet

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    Smile Tips and Benefits for Nutrition and Diet

    Tips and Benefits for Nutrition and Diet

    It should be understood that training stimulates muscle growth. However, training and growth can only occur with proper nutrition. Nutrition is just as important as is the exercise aspect in reaching your goals. There are the basic nutrients; protein, carbohydrates and fats. Furthermore, a careful examination must also be made of vitamins, fiber, water and minerals. The 5 basic food groups are; Bread-Cereals, Protein, Vegetable-Fruit, Fats and Dairy products. You must be sure to have a combination of these areas to form a balanced diet.


    Health Benefits of a Healthy Diet

    1.Weight loss
    2.Decreased risk of diabetes
    3.Decreased risk of heart disease
    4.Decreased risk of almost all cancers
    5.Decreased risk of high blood pressure
    6.Lower cholesterol levels
    7.Enhanced immune system
    8.Increased sensitivity to insulin
    9.Increased energy and ability to concentrate

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    That is such an informative and helpful
    post for all of us. Because having healthy
    diet can prevent us from having illnesses
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