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Thread: Boys or Girls: Which Gender Is Easier To Raise?

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    Smile Boys or Girls: Which Gender Is Easier To Raise?

    Boys or Girls: Which Gender Is Easier To Raise?
    This is something that I always have in the back of my head (don't know why but its there lol). A few weeks back I was at Gymboree and there was a pg woman at the counter purchasing some clothes. The cashier asked her if it was her first and she replied 'No, her 4th'. She explained that they have 3 boys and were trying for a girl but the 4th is going to be a boy. The cashier laughed a little and said 'Well, if it makes you feel any better boys are easier to raise.' This is not the first time I have heard this and I walked out of the store puzzled as to why I hear that so often. Does it have to do with the difference in dealing with puberty with a boy vs a girl? Speaking of puberty, which is easier to try to 'control' when it comes to virginity? Is it because a girl can get pregnant but yet a boy can get a girl pregnant. Does it have to do with the emotions that a girl goes through in life that a boy may not have? Just wondering what others thoughts are.

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    every gender has its difficulties

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    For me, I think boys are the easiest gender to raise. Males do not demand a lot and when they get into a mess, they always knows how to get out of it. Females on the other hand messes up and looks up to someone to clean the mess. When on the childhood, boys seems to be too out of control but upon the adolescence, they become a little cool they the females who starts to get out of hands. Granted, there might be some difficulties in both sexes, but when the female gender gets on the bad road, is never easy to stop her.

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    Boys definitely. Not so much of the unusual things with boys. You can just let them run wild. Girls, are to much of drama queens.

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    they do better at school, are less likely to die/live longer, are less prone to special educational needs especially autism, less likely to exhibit criminal behaviour as an adult. having said that, i have a boy, and you don't love your child any less for being either gender.
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