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Thread: The six great enemies of good health

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    Default The six great enemies of good health

    1. Faulty diet :- Insufficient food, overeating, hasty eating, eating wrong and badly cooked food.

    2. Inadequate exercise:- A walk to the station, a week-end game,household duties, or manual labor, are not sufficient. A planned system of exercise based on your needs and the time available is an absolute necessity.

    3. Poor hygiene:- Adequate care must be taken of the skin, teeth, feet and hands.

    4. Faulty posture:- Many occupations put uneven stresses on the body. Sedentary work restricts proper functioning of the lungs and intestines. Regular bodybuilding exercise is necessary to correct these faults.

    5. Wrong mental attitude:- Circumstance, work and environment may encourage a negative attitude, developing fears for the future, indecision, uncertainty. Regular bodybuilding exercise is necessary to change these states.

    6. Bad habits:- Too little relaxation, insufficient sleep, over-indulgence in alcohol and smoking, have no place in the life of those who want to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

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    I really like your post. I want to make
    a post like that, but I will focus more
    on drinking enough water, because for
    me it is the most important one in our
    body. Because drinking few water can
    cause many disease right? So I would
    like the readers to be more knowledgeable
    about this matter, so they can prevent
    themselves from undergoing treatments such
    as dialysis.



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